Your righteous politics

Your mind perfectly deconstructs the works of my body 

Your drab brown eyes only see wrongs of all sorts 

Apparently a turn on for me 

That pessimism versus my enthusiastic noise 

Arouses me

It is a given how your fingers point out every ‘needs of improvement’ in me. Fix that in three days. 

Ows? As I submit to your powerful command. 

It is amusing to have that personality 

One day, we’ll see eye to eye 

How this spiteful symbiosis completes us 

Your need to destroy then recreate 

And my desire to enjoy and act them out 

I love this 

Building bricks and laying more blocks 

Making me infatuated with you 

Hey, you have made your way under my burnt skin 

Injected yourself into my blood stream 

I know this won’t do you any justice 

You are a stubborn cynic 

The only floating skeptic 

Who denies most of what I’ve said and done 

Here and now you have propagated a hectare of garden of likeable ideas in my head, ha!

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