This is love.

Why? This cup I offer you isn’t taken by you. Why?

Are you holding back for something I don’t know? 

Thinking. Deciding. Hiding all of them underneath the sheets of the subconscious 

Resisting the urge, the chemicals; guarding yourself up: through maximum security 

Why? Why? Are you hesitant to walk to me?

Do I resemble the devil who wrecks havoc and gives you pain?

Why? Why are all the stars in your eyes sparkle as fast as shutting them off completely? Like a free shuttle freeing up to the space unheard-of 

Why are you doing this Mr. Hanged man? Are you terrified juggling between two truths? One the reality and the other just an ocean of your desires?

Don’t feel it all by yourself showing me that King of sword act 


Are you cutting me off like an icepop taken out from the cold freezer hard to be eaten, I should be chopped? 

If you feel that way why won’t you just be honest, let me know if I’m causing you trouble, isn’t that the right thing to do? 

Why? Tell me why?  If you’re seeing me as the Queen of cups, shiny, all good, there’s no way can you be reciprocated? 

Is this your way of saying No? 

I suffer then I stop? 

If it’s true that you calculate, can you also calculate the risk of getting it all right and true?

And if we remove some irrelevant pre-judgment, won’t our wishes come to fruition? 

If this is so bad that you’re afraid of rejection then let me tell you,

You haven’t asked me for an answer, 

       Haven’t wooed me, for me to reject you just yet.

Why are you afraid? What is something that keeps you awake at night?

Justice: if you could give justice then leaving you would have been less painful, But.

Do you really want me to walk away from you?

Why? Why? What are you thinking?  Are you really thinking about me? 

Protection, Security I don’t need them all!

Why? Am I too incompetent to need all your shining armor? 

I’m not! Deal with me the same way you deal the person you love. 

Why do you see me so weak?  Why?

Such brilliant mind only see diminishing results instead of  overflowing abundance? 

This life isn’t perfect and I don’t think I am. Neither do I feel that going and being with you will be ‘perfect’.

No way. No way!

But people don’t come together only to fill the brain but to feel the heart by overcoming hardships and grief.

We are work in progress. Isn’t this what you said? 

Why? Don’t do this to me. 

Please don’t make yourself feel as the only victim.  You are not.

Why? Why Don’t you love yourself? Believe in yourself?

Who you are and what you are, that’s You. Just you. And I love all of them.

If you wonder if you could still trust me well, 

Love me or don’t love me.

Trust me or don’t trust me at all! 

Why would love be any different? 

Compromising our feelings and the possibility of a good relationship? Deleting our precious friendship? 

So why? Why would you let yourself suffer alone, I’m here. 

If I am that sunshine you don’t need to be that shadow avoiding light rays.

You deserve all the light; all the warmth.

All the smiles and all the grace of tranquility. 


Don’t do this. Don’t do this to your wonderful and lovable self.


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