To the woman who is my friend

“Woman! your body is not for any street gentleman who brings you to a fancy club

at their very convenient hour. It doesn’t matter if he’s a genius boy, a cool guy, an astute looking man, a rich bachelor once he makes you his booty call,  his second option, his stunt girlfriend, his latest trend and his ‘vague forever’.

So to any man you run into don’t let your guard down.

They are vultures and hunters of the primitive age—

and kidnapping your panty is quite a no brainer.

Let them complain about your weird standards,

Let them throw stones at your lust for real connections,

Let them judge you and be awed to know who you are inside because..

real men, no matter what, will always  have goals, visions and a willing-act for you free from any ancient prejudice or judgment.

You are not a high-way where 10-wheeler trucks and garbage vehicles pass full-speed ahead.

You are not an automatic-slut-machine who gives them a triple monkey face for ‘Jackpot.’

You are not their dishwasher, their vacuum cleaner and, their auto-bot; you also tear and wear.

Your beauty and sensuality are not only for fb and instagram-selfies 

Don’t be so impulsive to be known; don’t be so empty for a show 

Value yourself like no other

Dream hard and dream big make them all your reality

Don’t give in to half-live, half-life, half-time and half-love

Be passionate, be gentle and loving to yourself

Be your own trustworthy companion

Allow yourself to love and don’t be frugal with it

People hurt you yes they will

Some have made you feel miserable

But don’t be so hard on yourself

Life is about going through all the mistakes, the messy-mucky-fucky side of it, thrive on it; learn to overcome

Always have a growth mind-set

Don’t allow your soul to get stuck on something that doesn’t serve you good

Men will lure you, bewitch you and make you theirs for what purpose we don’t know yet 

Don’t be in a hurry to follow what others do or make 

Create your own and be your own original 

People will tell you things but remember they have never walked a mile in your shoes so be conscious 

To understand and be considerate enough 

Be the kind of woman you would never wish to let go of ; 

You are a woman.

You are your own healthy paradox. “



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