I am a teacher

If like me, you are a teacher or

perhaps is touched immensely by a teacher then,

you’ll understand what is written here. 

I am a box filled with multiple inanimate objects.

They carry meanings that are relevant and true.

An epitome of light. I embody life.

My father is a teacher and;

nothing pleases me more than becoming his finely carved art

kept in his treasury of inspiration.

So like him, I am a teacher.

Children are mysterious boxes-

some are yellow, some black others red and sometimes white.

Like empty boxes we fill them and-

whatever we fill can make or break them.

teachers are the best fillers; excellent givers.

with many puzzle pieces on our righthand,

a riddle on the left and

kindness from our mouths, we teach them.

Although we train them with objects,

we feed them words and,

we make them think of oceans,

and numbers

and shapes,

a hero,

a scientist,

an artist…

countless, boundless, endless ways to bring out their greatest potential,

we lead them to experience

what they already have within.

A snapshot of who they are and what they can become.

with this in mind, we are aware of the process–

                                   it may take a while.

half of the class may need more help than others cognitively.

a quarter may show a struggle on behavior

three-fourths may be physically incapable or

one child needs love and a hug everytime.

They all resemble the colorful lego bricks

they don’t take the same shape when assembled.

     every child is an unfinished business—

always a work in progress; an art work in the end.

with the teacher’s guidance a child can achieve so much

more when s/he feels secure and love.

so in the classroom, the teacher is the magician.

S/he creates a nest full of positive vibes

where no child is afraid to try; afraid to speak.

To learn to believe in him/herself–

to have that sense of pride.

so that learning that’s taking shape inside

will make more sense time after time.

As a teacher, the goal is not only to teach knowledge by completing the box with different objects


arranging the objects one after one

to see patterns or more spaces.

It’s holding their hands to check more gaps.

It’s making them feel like they’re worth your time.

You are their teacher.

They are your colours, shapes, animals, school objects, 

your ocean, your sanctuary, your clouds with birds singing, your numbers.

They walk, jump and fly.

Seriously, who wouldn’t love all these?

Like a mother to her own children,

I love them.

I simply

just don’t know how NOT TO. 

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