Come to me as you are

My arms have grown feathered-wings

Awaiting you to come to me as you are 



                                            crushed and,


Inside my arms you are free to rest 

Filling your lungs with clean air 

Fall in love with the knowledge that in 

This world even your pain is essential 

Let your sorrow dig into my heart’s flesh

painting it with every shattered you.

It’s ok to be attached 

                         To feel,

                          to grieve,

                           to fear even


Only when these emotions are touched,

The world you’ll find in a colorful spread of spectrum 

Then the moon will stop growing and living inside your eyes as you become the sun.

And your heart is the most incredible star. 

Because you are more than a spirit with a mind and a body through which sorrow can truly adore. 


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