Of low self-esteem

I don’t have the disposal

Don’t have the time

Don’t have the

Good times


The good ideas

I don’t have the chance

Don’t have the nice waist line

Don’t have the certificates of an A-lister

Don’t have the brain of

Dear Einstein


What I have


is a heart made of pen

a notebook for all my poems

my smile that doesn’t make much money

but it does make friends to a heart that’s dull and weary

my eyes that are seldom recognized by their beauty

because they speak all watery

my hair that flies left and right

sometimes tucked behind two cute ears

that don’t wear earrings all days


really where’s my self-esteem,

if it isn’t found above?


I don’t have the song

Only the music

Don’t have the object

Only the texture

Don’t have the destination

Only the footprints of my journey

Don’t have the answers

Only the trial and error


Do they count for my self-esteem?

Probably they don’t.


I want to build a ship

But I forgot the sail

Don’t have the money

I think I’m going to fail


I don’t know how to swim

Really three seconds and I’ll come up for air

My friends they laugh

Can’t dive, can’t make a clean butterfly stroke—

I can’t even float!

Just imagine the thought when

They thought I’m a freaking happy fish

Who doesn’t know where her gills

And her beautiful fins


I love to try

Make my own

Desire the limelight


I think

I can do better than that

I thought first of that

I have tried it can I tell you how it was?

I know that, can I tell you more of that?

But my mouth

Is like a zipper it zips suddenly

When my heart throbs roughly

And my head lost its density


Then, it’s gone for all eternity.






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