The mask

Each of us has a mask to wear

Perhaps mine’s the heaviest, the grandest and the most towering

That bears mostly the truth that we hide; the reality we dislike

So much pain and trouble, I wish to tell the world

But my heart wears an even stiffer veil of a true recluse

That even with this insurmountable desire, I let the world be blind

Or maybe, I am the one with an incurable eye decease 

In essence, I go on ‘quiet’.

With this mask I purposely change and wear

Different for every scenario

I go on ‘quiet.’

I am deeply affected

That the sun with its laser light

Gradually burns my soul when its high and sharp

But only get comforted by being left in the coldness of the night

I’d like to put the mask down

Sometimes I go on and off

Play true or false

Alone with my mirror not getting enough sunlight

To retract this loneliness, this heaviness

I wish to put down.

While I know this mask adorned with free jewels and peacock’s feathers

Won’t go dirty any time soon

There’s not much fire left in my heart

I need your help

Please come to me very soon.




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