)))))Mad sounds in my ears echoed back and forth in my head)))))

)))))Mad sounds in my ears echoed back and forth in my head)))))


W: if it was you, would you have done it otherwise? Would you approach it the way I did? Would you even—

M: No. Not at all.

W: Yeah. I’m guessing that. I look up to you, you know? Always standing in your shadows so you didn’t have to move away from me.

M: Dazed.

W: But this same reason.. you struggled to break away. Stupid of me for thinking–if I could do the same–unwisely.

M: Yeah. Even to the point of losing your own for keeping me so long under your feet you’ve become me and couldn’t find your own purpose.

W: Purpose? I wonder about that. How do you do it? Find it?

M: Do what? Find what?

W: Having purpose and all..

M: I got you. It’s not like I have never been in your stead ya know.

W: Oh that’s a bit comforting. So is this how people gobble up delusion? I’m sensing it strange.

M: Come on buy some originality! What?

W: Well, you see I’m stuck. I’m working nonstop and yet every… when I’m at particular stops I get the question, “What went wrong?”

M: You got those mad sounds in your ear huh.

W: seems like it. Hey..uh..

M: Can’t it be ignored? Isn’t there any voice of reason left?

W: Yeah. What’s that?

M: Geez. You really lost it.

W: What? I’m screwed. Can you pull me out? Push me away perhaps?

M: Hmm sounds like a nice plan. Or are you forgetting something? You’re stepping on a shadow. Wouldn’t pushing you away severe the distance longer even more and still, you wouldn’t be cut off completely.

W: Oh boy what was I thinking. So that’s it? I can’t get away then?

M: Dunno myself. But seems easy. Didn’t I say I’ve been in this before?

W: Oh yeah you did. But you look unsure yourself now.

M: Yeah. Should we wait for others to come?

W: That..the only way?

M: We could take another chance if we wait…

W: (silence)

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