Reine d’avril


I am sorry.

I wanted to bring you two deep dark red roses.

You; the commonplace of my immoderate zones.

But I clad two in my frock

with each trudge, one rose capered

no way to suppress the darkened spades.

The air blew with the first petal

Came ‘round and in circles

until none of them were seen dangling.

My cloak inflamed; perfumed.

Today I could but not give two deep dark red roses.

But, my cloak still inflamed; perfumed.

How you have held the fort.

Tainted wide with royal fingerprints?

Peasants genuflected in the presence

of the nobles.

How this servant’s heart interluded

with taunting breakage but in


Two deep dark red roses

where they flew a respite,

wilted thy bounty.

Strayed, cascaded down the rivers

sinking beneath the unsettled ambers.

Tonight, I will be inflamed; perfumed.

For the memories of two deep dark red roses

soon will draw breath.

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