Please come the tender rain

Please come the tender rain.


Do you hear that sound knocking on your spirit?

Dried and barren as the red sand.

Although I know little of my existence

can reach you,

I wish today is the day each sadness

Will fly away to leave you and your scorched heart.

Don’t mock my song, I’ll leave with this music.

As you go on to your path remember

The days you sat one summer

When you prayed for me to come

Like tender rain.

Please come my tender rain

And bring the flowers to a bloom again

Let the rivers run full again

And a radiant rainbow once again

Take me back to that precious memory

When I am no longer tied up to my inner conflicts

Around you like tender rain,

Come to me young and anew.

I hold your breath every time the water trembles

And I see my own before a mirror

Even if only for one change of season

Visit me like you always do

Wash me away along the rigid gutters of the city

To the salt less river where my forefathers

Had raised me

Back to the ocean to be free.

Sing the ancient music; the song for my soul

Grant me the freedom to wander around

My beloved home

Come to me but a rushing soul

Come rain on me you, simple soul.

 Please come to me you, the tender rain.





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