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What’s it like to be a musician? Being a musician…a musician…what does that suppose to mean? Living in music…music? variant sounds…they make up music… music to the human soul…How philosophical. The metaphysical aspect is profound too. …Music has gone a long way in influencing every person… 

A friend once told me about his roommate who ceaselessly played with his guitar… That friend of his said, “I need to practice more. It’s not enough.” loudly, passionately in their room…My friend asked so when is your next gig? With the way you perform, I bet you’re ready to entertain. 

His friend remained silent. As if the answer didn’t matter. Or if there was really an answer he could give to a curious roommate….not sure. 

He played his guitar but never talked…he practiced but never smiled…the room although there were two of them was devoid of the other’s existence…

Weren’t they supposed to be talking? communicating? helping? about a stated need or the unstated need? Any thing. Anything that matters.

My friend although not worried… he did play with his guitar. But one’s music and the other’s music, I thought had the element of separation too. Technically, they were really good. But somehow, I felt lost. Both had unleashed their power.  I can see purple, red, blue and green…strong and powerful…With all these mixes of colors, I thought something was off; missing.

Music…the sound of music…though they are universal…timeless…endless…for these two people, the way they create and play their music, I feel like falling into the abyss…

You see them playing like spiders..thrashing webs, threading…waiting…waiting…but no matter how beautifully made were the nets above… below a shadow was cast. So I was there underneath their cobwebs… it was engulfing…cold… black…breathless… it felt like a prison… like inside the eye of a storm…

Their expressions unchanged; so was their music. I was certain that what I felt was sheer displacement.

“Were you happy? Were you okay?” I wanted to ask. 


But it seemed the answer wasn’t ready yet. The preparations… incomplete.


Entertainment… To entertain…were rather big words to them. 







4 thoughts on “The musicians music

    • The heart. Yes. They kept their hearts open to themselves alone. Yes we need humanity to create beautiful music. So I wonder if opening their hearts to humanity has led them to close their hearts to humanity again. Shouldn’t it liberate them? It seems this so called humanity has thrown them back to self-imprisonment again. It must have been tough…

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      • Maybe. It’s good reasoning, but sometimes you have to look for the brightness within the dark. Humanity maybe terrible, but there is goodness there too. I think that’s where Mr. Rogers would say, “Look for the helpers.” They are there despite the bad.


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