Small but not flat

The impossibility of making friends and forming connections virtually…perhaps I’ll leave it as it is. Regretfully impossible. Since all life forms and communications happen virtually then it should not count as something one could look forward to. My world is small but not flat. Rain showers go back to oceans, seeds to a grown up tree, wilted flower to a new bud in spring, sounds made by beasts to pristine music of the woods, exciting people with their visionary thoughts to preposterous hiccups one could fall…such a world indeed. I change my picture as with the changing of the wind. Old photographs and existing connections must be tucked away, I’d say. I guess if you throw sunflowers seeds to the east it would grow pine trees instead. If you paint the sky red in the south, it would be silver in the north or in the west. Water is water but what we make of it is what matters. And if it turns out to be vapor in my hands, it’ll come back to you a storm? So when you say I pick the stars for you and make you a galaxy in your hands, is it not something worth believing? Just because a friend ,no, a spineless, formless vapor do not have eyes or feet or hands to touch you…so it would not have any meaning to it? My world is small but not flat… Words are words only because they are is inconceivable because those words that spoke to me didn’t require a lot to take me…and the force of life they’ve shown was more than enough to believe the existence of another. This world is small but not flat…any thing thrown out of the window, any thing captured on land, any bonds shared no matter the conditions, what remains in that is faith. With it I may turn a blind eye or open it wide…

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