SNAILish life

brown snail

Photo by Johannes Plenio on

Young lad, isn’t she a picture of a cunning beauty?

Trudging slowly on various surfaces leaving all her desires with a slime, highly predictable and dangerously cute.  

Yet a slow life is what she sees… and prolonged journeys.

Every once in a while, she turns her head side to side to see if there are other movements around, and when she finds none, her journey continues until a weird guy appears in sight.


The first to see the other is her but the last to disappear is also her. Funny how she’s able to see all happening at once.


But if there’s one thing our little snail should be happy about, it’s seeing everything unfolds before her eyes like she only knows the mystery in Pandora’s box.


Yes, there’s beauty in slow life but only if your eyes want to see…

and sometimes, seeing requires an overwhelming amount of curiosity and concentration.


In their absence,


what you’ll find out there is not the sound…nor the traces or what’s around but the stale fragments of a forgotten mystery.



2 thoughts on “SNAILish life

    • Prashant. I do not see the shadows a phantom.
      That thrive as a mere illusory power.
      I see it’s the truth that walks around us
      Everywhere. Only our friends convinced of another path.
      Wherever the light of day breaks, we followed
      With painful eyes pushing aside the truth—
      The Truth that lost all its strength to speak which now bears
      A new name, the shadows.
      But my eyes see it’s the truth; and the Truth that is.
      As for your question, right now, it’s quite entertaining to look at it in this light.

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