not a desert cloud

you wrote your words like a prayer for me

healing waves rushed to my ribs

small seeds sprouting, astonishing

attraction. You can’t always touch a painting

this way, such kindness would’ve melted the

awkward colors.


You’re blessed with bliss by the divine

And talent knows her master’s sun

Your hand and eyes they know so well

The slightest doubt within tiny

Desert clouds.


Sweetheart, the politics of a conscious man

May frisk a friend to a dangerous submission

But with you, reign nothing sly neither is the man

Let’s eat, and I’ll pour you wine to

Revel our hearts breezy equal care


Sometimes I wonder if God has made you

The golden key to unknown windows and

Locked doors…you dress up with such loving words.


Within my bosom, I feel I have the sun’s worth

Raining light towards this forbidden log house

Thank you for rolling my lips to a certain smile

My cheeks glow with so much sunshine

My heart’s no longer the odd desert cloud.







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