a 30-second thought


There’s no one right now in particular really.

I still have the name lists from yesterday’s friendship recruitment service. I have been notified of the no new policy for talent acquisition exchange yet.

I guess my heart’s friendship management company isn’t interested in hiring right now.

But I see someone visit the office, you know presenting five proposals and sometimes, doing a ten-minute demo on fancy friendship lessons.

Just like today, someone came to me at the lounge and asked how the interview came or if the admin like the funny, athletic and inspiring types.

But well, I just smiled and said, you can give them your best shot. “Are you presenting today?”

He said, yes with such a poker-clownish about to shit face.

Dude, good luck was what I said. I cheered him on! Can you believe that?

I told him that I’ll be relocated to the company’s third branch.

And his face from the cheerful and over-the-moon shine now to the sorrowful, have mercy don’t leave me yet, I’m scared now face.

It was a fun day, to say the least.

But that was all it. I mean, we don’t need to be necessarily the “We are meant to be, this is it, O my God what a wonderful world neurotic psychotic hypersensitive freaks of the young minds of friendship, right?

But well, there’s someone though. I know someone from somewhere who sings and has that bedroom voice…whew, yea boy a bedroom voice and a bedroom bed with a bedroom shirt and socks and trousers on the floor, a pen and a silver copy of his dandy notebook for poetry and a camera for beauty in shadows…in the light where stars can disappear and rainbows fall into letters and master weavers of dreams, and more friendships and sweet and nothing and bitter and floating and a guitar, lyrics, plucking…plucking his guitar…and I heard he’s presenting tomorrow…somewhere…but I don’t know… I’m invited if only I could get in the same bedroom where magic rides to coffee shops to schools to rainforests behind the city’s progressive state in front of the trains and buses and private car rides to friendships and forever to

Present to


well, back to reality I’m sure that, I know someone with that quality and qualification.


you know, I love this friendly conversation. Have I answered your friendly question?



See you later when you fancy the three stars and the sun on your way home, ok?





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