Friendship day







We found each other like how one would find her eyeglasses on a bedside table. Anxiously trying to see face to face the familiar monologue of a broken piece, and when we did our footprints traced the entire space with jazz music, colorful nights, and warm meals. Compartimos las herridas con limón, tequila y sal. I hope that even if stars live and die, our friendship stays. Happy Friendnniversary mis amigos mejores! Os extraño mucho. Espero que están bien en sus trabajos, familias y relaciones de corazón. Vamos a seguir el sueño de nuestros futuro especialmente viajar al otro parte del mundo. Mucho gusto!



One thought on “Friendship day

  1. We are ruled by instinct and emotion. We are not one to sit’s in judge’s chair and think about the partner-to-be-objectively – I am too romantic on that. We always rush straight into it, and think later. We’ll advise, but when it comes to love, there is no bound with our emotions, I just cannot control myself; we fall and trust very easily and quickly, but tend to make mistakes. And sometimes, the result is the worst. But as life goes on, with all the cuts and bruises wehave suffered in the name of love, we’ve learned to be cautious.

    We give our friends unconditional support when needed. We believe in the notion that a friend in need is a friend indeed. But this works both ways. We also need to be understood and helped when in need.
    We are our worst and we are our best.

    So more power for the coming years.
    We are always be a blessing to all.

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