My Love Is Not Black

At night I don’t sing the tunes in blues

And perhaps, you’d think of me most

Being the sentimental sensational lover.

That might be true but tonight is

An ordinary night when I and my shadow

Walk around the Plaza to look for some warm and delectable feasts.

It is night and the sky has spread its cushion

Not for rest but for a graveyard shift

This night with our hands clasping will become

Hands with wings as I deliver the shadow

To his work                  and walk in similarly predictable feet.

Sleeping wouldn’t be without his arms and legs

And abs and chest…if only I am not in a dream state.

But the mouse will check my room, and I am with a steady companion

Not as hard as the night the other time when

We live to love for the day.

But it was only nearly yesterday when I last remember

the day to feel some newly baked bagels and roast chicken, and oh that saucy pasta

without the need for fear.


Here I am bedding myself for tomorrow is a date with

My beautiful shadow again

down to

Avenues where we no longer pull our hands apart simply because

The black sky would visit us on that day.


5 thoughts on “My Love Is Not Black

      • I wish upon you many soulful conversations… and the ones that are just silly. I have a friend I used to have the silliest conversations with. Sometimes they were just grunts and noises…

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      • Thank you Prashant which reminds me of my funny sister though. Today I helped my sister for her holloween party. She was playing the role of medusa. And while I was curling her hair, I just couldn’t help but burst in extreme laughter because she tried so hard to look like medusa yet she couldn’t stand putting some small rubber snakes on her head. She was really scared of them and I was too. So whenever I curl her hair with a curling iron, the iron would hit her scalp and both of us would jump and scream like crazy. And just like that we were silly laughing like piglets! haha

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