sky dancer

two white birds



beneath the dusty clouds

I have not found a robin

except in prose-poetry

where letters and music flew by

the vale now is swollen

and twilight comes descending

the egret’s beak is filled with

fish or symmetrical vertebrates

ancient rocks chuckle to me the

old lies

and I trace my veins a pulsate-beat

to give up all the earthly beasts

Up, up in the sky

A sky dancer passed by

She saw the crocodile slipped back

To the swamp and the water

Cease to ripple with the beat

Of ten-thousand birds churning

Except in prose poetry the heron

Found the egret fondling

And the sky dancer found the robin.



4 thoughts on “sky dancer

    • Prashant. Thank you. When I was young, I used to watch an anime. It was aired in the morning before school. The name of the anime was ‘the sky dancers’ but you know what, they were not birds. They were fireflies. They roam around the sky in groups and they dance to heal the world from pain and loss. Knight fireflies dance up in the sky. But the queen firefly stays in the castle because she can’t remember her dance. She was the most powerful of all and yet she couldn’t dance until she met her fiancee again. Her fiancee who was held captive by the bees for a long time came back and told her how her friends needed her. So she decided to dance for her friends. She practiced in the palace when the other knights were out fighting the evil bees. One day, the fireflies lost against the bees and cried. The queen heard all of them. So even if her dance wasn’t complete, she went to her knights’ rescue. She danced and the bees laughed at her. They thought she was a useless and weak queen. Until she prayed for her friends and danced like it was the best dance ever. And the bees retreated. The queen was the sky dancer and now the most powerful of them all. …Today, I thought about the sky dancer and got inspired to write…

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