Memories of a dried flower

The sun has finally bid his farewell

To a whole rough day

Flowers that have shone bright out

Swaying loosely by the wind’s gentle blows

Now have wilted back to their

Natural form

Come now smile for me, my days well-spent

The dew had traversed my petals bearing

The memories of a strong scent

Like a violin it cries without the music

One day such as today won’t come again

Imprisoning; poisoning my heart with beautiful dye

When sorrows now color my petals brown

Calling me back to the dust

Shall I let my nervous time pass?

Time passes and I’m still wrapped by the translucent image of a peaceful day in this world

And I cry in pain like a violin left with its song

Quietly, beside my awkward mistakes at night

Where my flowers have dried; weary of overexertion

Can anyone notice?

Can anyone see?

How a day exhausted the life of a beautiful flower

Out shining with the morning dew swaying loosely to those

Strangers, growing little

Bearing only the memories of a day filled

With my regret from the sorrows now in sync as in the

fading of a dear sunlight.

I welcome the end of a day as I always open it earlier than others

My time is calling; the wind is blowing

And my strength now sapless by the colors of my sorrow.

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