Extreme Anxiety

Why does my heart feel so much?

Isn’t having a reaction to small things the least of this heart’s concern?

But then why does my heart react and respond quickly, It’s crazy.

My eyes tear like waterfalls suddenly

Is it because I’m alive?

What gift do I have again this time?

Please, someone, wipe me I’m wet with tears, it seems, the world is collapsing and nobody’s worried but me.

Why does my heart feel so much, I feel I’m a stranger to my own body. It doesn’t respond to my call, I’m not sure I understand what’s going on.


Am I the only one?

I think now is the time I complain, right?

When I wake up at dawn and start to get emotional about something far, something unknown, just something—

Different kinds of energies I’m absorbing, it’s crazy, I think I’m going to get crazy.


What is going on? Please, someone, tell me what to do?

Is this normal?

I feel that the world wants to cry but can’t, so I’m crying on its behalf!


Do I even make any sense here?


Hello, it’s 6:45 in the morning and I have just finished crying, right now I feel someone died but I don’t know who, what or why?

I start to feel sorry, something is gripping my heart It’s hard to breathe through my nose and mouth 


Incredible, isn’t it?


To feel so strongly about something that you deliberately choke from your own saliva?


I’ve been going through all this lately, I’m starting to recognize a pattern

Though the degree of pain or the intensity of this certain sense of loss I feel differently, I think something so strong comes rushing to me and I start taking them in like water, I’m surprised myself.

I look around and everything is normal

nothing extra or excessive is going on

except me and this sudden surge of energy,

it catches my emotions deeply and I start to get a runaround


am I having any symptoms of a disease or a disorder?


Oh please, anything except that.





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