The spirit who stole from You

See how people made you their idol?
See how they have prepared for your shine?
See how they fantasized for your smile?
How the world move as you move and shake their ground?
See what an idol you have become.

I think I quite understood your guilt.
How as an idol you’d painfully cringe over every loose voices
How you have chosen to leave and not to live.
How that creature of darkness made you his marionette
To your death you never parted.

Your breath is in my breath
Your sigh is in my sigh
Your soul without a soul
Your god, you made him your Idol.

Your guilt shown in your shadow
As you walk around searching for lost tears
You wandered but missed out on the evil that stalked your feet
So everywhere you look you see your shine
The same shine that disillusioned the soul

That God has birthed in your body.

See how you saved yourself?
See how you freed yourself?
See how you left yourself?
How you have betrayed the spirit when you unchained yourself?

That was your guilt.

Now, you’ll continue walking the beaches of illusions, tirelessly.
Like a curse in the afterlife.
The mirror has been broken, you’ll see for yourself the truth
But never with the Spirit who touched your soul nor the Saints on Earth
But that to the One who crawled under your feet.

The One you could never defeat.

The Spirit of Idolatry,

The Demon of Depression.

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