How can our hearts be broken even though no one has left us?

The vase is broken and the water’s been spilled

The day is slowly disappearing like a fading dot

Tomorrow doesn’t seem to run fast

I hear the sound of the clock no more

schedules are postponed

plans have been moved; people don’t seem to exist

The pain doesn’t subside

Bills are piling up and emotions are still in awry

The vein of sorrow won’t stop grief and despair from breaking happy hormones

swimming in a tub of unconfrontable pain, I’m into this as a fool who can’t stop her heart from splattering 

‘Sorry’ won’t even fit anywhere I place it

Acknowledging ones pain doesn’t even count and in no way near a medicament

Looking at changes where change doesn’t happen

I’m being pushed to the side.

Migraines won’t even flee 

Ears that keep ringing while the stomach’s been unjustly upset 

If pain is an object, I wish to scratch it, peel it, throw it away and kill it—

But the more and more and more I plead for it to go away

I keep getting the same hopelessness

Being cornered and body slammed, would it stop?

When all I want is to grab your hand.

Handrailings aren’t even available for support 

I’m counting the times when I feel my body is not my body

spending shorter days and longer nights

rolling over the ocean, changing sunsets and missing out my heart so much.

Like this,

How can our hearts be broken even though no one has left us?



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