Put your head on my shoulder

While waiting for the movie in the living room

I heard the loudest thunder of my life

you said I want to watch a horror film.

You’re eager yet frightened easily by lightning

harrowing the pillow clothed by ‘Doraemon’ carton.

What a perfect night.



chasing your hand

chasing my hand

trying to fit where we should fit

in this small room where your scent subdues all others.


The film that gives me a stomachache

It’s funny.

I chase your hand

I grab

Thunder, lightning and a horror film

make the best plot



How dare someone love so passionately?

How dare someone challenge the strength of the heart?

How dare one be the puzzle waiting to be answered?



Do you have a storyline for me?


Put your head on my shoulder. Rest a little while. Slowly dream of me holding your hand.




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