Train -ride- ?

Where do I go?
What do I need to do?
Who do I meet?

If I go by train and stop at every station, sure I won’t miss the beauty around me.

But if I did, then, won’t I be late to my real destination, too?

If desiring something the most, and persevere mean that the journey would be more meaningful then, am I supposed to find the outcome dissatisfactory if it turned out any way less different?

They said that it would only take 8 minutes for people on Earth to notice that the sun had died down.

I wonder if it would also only take the same minutes for people to notice that the sun had already risen. After all, the sun is the sun. It will shine sooner or later.

As for the darkness in between, an illusion created by its absence then, am I supposed to believe that it would take forever for someone to even realize that all these won’t matter as long as you live your existence?

If such existence belongs in and around that train ride, then why do we still worry about where that train stops for its last trip?

Could it be that it would still be lonely out there?

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