When you thought you found the meaning of life, Life changed it

When you thought it was the end, it never really ended. And when you hoped for it to die, it didn’t.

Working so hard sincerely only to find out how unreliable you are still about the people and things you hold dear. ..

How much experience does one need to gain to be reliable? How much does each responsibility cost for someone to understand its value? What suffering is there to teach you that love does not equal hate? How much growth does one need to be able to say, ‘I know and I understand however suffering alone is unnecessary?’.

The person that you are now and the person that you were in the past seemed unchanged. While change may have done a little or big and utmost, the best for you in some aspect of your life, but none of these changes had taught you that striving for discord instead of peace and wealth instead of cooperation were not the least thing you could do to people you so hate.

With hate, you’d live and not die and perhaps foster the dream you desired. But the death of your soul, I wonder if you were ever unaware.(?)

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