What Satan stole from me

Satan comes as a thief to steal and then leave. He does not stay for long in your house but he always makes sure that when he visits he’ll take away something or someone precious  from you and in your life. You wouldn’t even notice any of his traces or noise and at first glance you would only think that nothing was lost because he will take it in small doses and then in large doses until your house collapses for losing its foundation. You’ll only know what was lost or broken once you start to feel that something or someone is missing or has left in your life.


So anyone who does not lock his windows or doors is foolish as open windows or doors invite Satan to come and break into your house.


But a wise person and a child of God understands where to take this battle and who to ask for help. A wise person who understands and accepts Jesus as his/her personal saviour prevents Satan from stealing from you. A wise man claims that the blood of Jesus saves and that it hinders Satan from destroying you and your life.


Satan has stolen my love

He has stolen my self-love

He has stolen my patience

He has stolen my kindness

He has stolen my memories

He has stolen my dreams

He has stolen my body

He has stolen my passion

He has stolen my protection

He has stolen my security

He has stolen my innocence

He has stolen my knowledge

He has stolen my blessing

He has stolen my ears, my eyes, my mouth, my heart and my mind

He has stolen my sleep and my rest

He has stolen my health

He has stolen my peace

He has stolen my life and


Replaced it with



Pain, anxiety, depression, fatigue,  restlessness, insecurity, false hopes, accursed things, anger,  perversion, illness, brokenness, dissatisfaction, irritability,  rudeness, unhappiness, conflict, ingratitude, curses and sin.


So remember to lock your  windows and doors. Reinforce them with security cameras and alarms by calling unto Jesus, your savior. Jesus died for your sins. Jesus loves you as much as He loves me. Jesus restores everything and makes it all brand new. Have faith and listen to God’s word. Invite Jesus into your house and into your life. Through the blood of Jesus, you are saved and healed.






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