a love read

The trying times left me to some place isolated. Got quarantined; afraid that your image in my head will start a new contagion that may affect my whole being. I am in my head and no one knows I still think about you. Being caught by you in this state, put me in a rather emotional destitution. I see signs of you everywhere maybe because I still carry the same flame for you. But it’s a love that never got off the ground. And this precious world tells me to keep moving on as if it’s a sin to get stuck in an old memory. I’m afraid you don’t miss me. 

I’ve been catching up although my progress is slow and daunting. I wish I could move forward with you with great news. I can smile now that’s for sure. People are noticing it even. I guess the mental conflict had brought me some beautiful results too. But there’s no need to apologize. We don’t need to live in regrets. But if we see the past as treasure, we can continue to carry it on our backs. I wish that in this trying times, you have collected yourself and is in a better place now. I will forever watch you from a place I know. 

You consume my thoughts. I miss you regardless of how things look on the outside.   I want to see you again. Thank you for loving me. I’m watching you from the outside.


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