That season has come again.

And once again I am here in that same dwelling where I could see everything but my own.

Is it really the start of that season? It’s unbelievable. It’s happening again and I’m slowly caving in way way down…

I know this. So you can pull yourself up is what I told myself. 

Hurry. Like you’re chasing yourself away dearly hoping to feel differently today.

Damn, I’ve only realized how I could hear myself talking, breathing and doing similar things in different ways and still, end up in an unusually the same place.

I catch myself watching others and hearing things with my body that feels distant and unresponsive to the episodes that rattle and roll repeatedly in my head. 

2:39 am. High and wide awake. There’s just too much noise that I want to cancel out. 

Hey, I want to tell you where I am. This is how I feel. Just in case you haven’t noticed the sudden shift.

It’s here. It has come back. Do you know?





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