Love letter #3

Love is abound


A typhoon came to pass last night. And I saw many displaced families everywhere. You can see in their faces that it was a difficult time. Their exhaustion, desperation and despair wear me out.

I do not know these people but I can relate to their struggles as I, too have had a similar experience.

I am not trying to indulge myself in this trending pity party. I feel it’s unnecessary. This needs everyone’s serious attention.

We have a lot of coconut and banana trees in our farm. I wish to swiftly make this intended deliveries. For food at least. And a couple of other extra food and stuff.

However, it’s a bit of a struggle when connections are scarce. And logistics in awry.

Luckily, even if we can’t join in private or public groups, we can still tip in our share.

Blessings come sometimes by just taking the initiative. It’s how we make valuable connections and foster well-meaning relationships.

May you have more valuable connections and well-intended relationships as well.

Love is abound. And the more hardships we overcome, the more miracles we illuminate.

Take charge and be glad! Keep it coming!

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