Love letter # 4


You worry too much about protecting your heart but neglecting others. You think everyone wants to hurt you and that you feel hurt. You like to project that victim card to the world to garner sympathy. You believe that family and friends are only with you to hurt you because you heard it somewhere or from someone. It’s totally ridiculous when your accusations and gaslighting are unfounded. It hurts.

Let me tell you this.

No one wants to hurt you. Not your family, not your friends or anyone. I’ve always believed in the goodness of others unless that person is psychologically incapable of being good.

Everyone wishes you well. Everyone loves you unconditionally despite having to deal with your reckless attitude and distorted lifestyle.

May you have that faith and confidence within you. The kind of emotions that we have for you.

Don’t you ever dare think or convince yourself that no one understands you or incapable of being on par with you. You are too arrogant to gloat on this irresponsible idea.

You are always forgiven but I hope that you will find the same forgiveness for yourself first.

We will always be on your side. You just have to take courage to move forward to make lil changes a day at a time. You don’t have to do everything on your own. Life is too heavy for two arms and shoulders to carry. You can try to be your own hero but when things become so unbearable and miserable, please ask around there are more heroes on stand by, sometimes on call others are working as freelancers. And I know that most of them are kind and good. They’d love to keep you company just don’t turn to alcohol or pills.

Or you can sleep in to my house. I’ll keep you company myself.

I don’t want to see another friend lying cold on the floor intoxicated and wasted. Lifeless.

That scares the whole sh!t outta me!


your friend being your friend

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