Her: will I write?(tight-lipped woman)

tight-lipped woman let me kiss you see if your lips open with mine.

tight-lipped woman I beseech you express to me fond thoughts of me with you.

tight-lipped woman Your secrets are mine share them with me, please? My heart is yours.

tight-lipped woman You’re so full of light. See yourself in this light. I’ll draw water from the well, get your thirst quenched

tight-lipped woman leave no more Hide to no one run to me Fall for me.

if Love is such a struggle then, let me overcome it with you.

still I know you are scared

but don’t run for the hills

stand before me

And just ‘say it out loud.’

I will get it.

Because you’ve already won my heart ten times over.

I’ll take whatever if it means your everything.

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