Her: will I write? (Tequila)

“I wouldn’t play if it was a losing game.” said the wise and confident man.

This stupid me knows how to challenge the wise
I said, if you battle me, “you’ll never win. Ever!”
Tongue twisters, board games, card games, you know,
Back in the day, I used to be that type.

And there goes the fool of me
Talking bout something she didn’t mean.
Just trying to impress this so called “masculine”

So this King with his cool, calm and collected nature
Bought the case and said, “How about a drinking game?”
And this fool with her mouth wide open, eyes blinking
Just confused, caught off guard, overly competitive, headstrong but still a fool
Said yes to his well-concocted game
Sure. It was my ego speaking
I was told “You wouldn’t past the third round, Dear.”

Wildly, you’d be calling out my name.

Oh no you don’t know who you talkin’ to. Uh-uh
A told ‘em “A make ma mama proud, Boy.”
Never failed. Never did. Not an inch threatened.

Well, what do you expect from an impulsive, reckless fool
Who knows nothin’ bout Spirits, booze and vice?

Who only likes Grimm’s fairy tales, gummy bears and child’s play
Yes. She was destined to fail.
Her words were all failed attempts
Just me and my cute arrogance.

Got told, “How about drinking Tequila?”
Didn’t know what it was; needed google before I hit ‘reply’

I said, yeah. You name it you have it.
Gimme the time and date. Will be there!
Were the funny words of the giant fool.

Still, with his cool, calm and collected nature
“I’ll be waiting!” he said.

Fast-forward a year later to celebrate our Christmas party. My cool friends went to the disco. They ordered a lot of drinks. And I got one on a wine glass. It was yellow and had lemon sprung on it.

Confidently a told ’em, so this is what tequila in real life is. Small thing.
Then, I had my friends looked at me and said, No girl. That’s “Margarita!” mixed tequila.

Oh. Well, whatever.

(radio silence)

So there it goes.

This fool is just a fool who likes to start the fire but doesn’t know how to extinguish it
Likes to create bush fires for fun then regrets burning her own skin in the end
Likes to act smug but deep down is one hell of a student in her dress rehearsal
Says a lot of things but forgets what’s necessary
Spontaneous, jumpy and bubbly
But knows nothing about the muddled outside world
Believes with her heart and cries with her own stupidity
And would still like to claim “ I did it all for you and for love and for me.”
Selfish is what you people call it.
But this fool says “No, it isn’t!”

Yes. She is that kind of a fool.

So, are you still interested?


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