Her: will I write? (Sour Memories)

Can love be revive?
Yes. But it’s a decision one has to make
Everyone has a gift of the past
Good, better and best
Even sour memories can be rid of pain over time
When your soul is ready for change
The world complies with your request
No matter how great the wound that was
In time the heart learns to sew it back together

One may say the wound has healed but the scar remains its constant reminder
This I believe to be true
And I know this leads us to a place of bitterness
To the sea of regret on our personal choices
Even I wonder if we can forget all of our wild attempts
To solve the horrors of our lives fading; sorrowful memories

But we live today to tell of the past
We open our mouths to tell the kids how eagerness made us the wise man now
We warn them of the perilous streets because we took this road
When youth was to our advantage
Back when we realize that we were still fearless or
How we got hurt by our own arrogant and deceitful nature

I tell you.

Even the worst nightmare can turn out to be the best of dreams
But one has to learn to take the long roads and the grand highways
In time these sour memories can be sweet memories
When success stops hiding from the curtains of defeat
So go and dust away your dirty sheets, wash them good; wash them clean;
leave them hanging outside for sunshine
And at night, make your new bed once more
Slide underneath the covers once more
Make sure you dream of a new journey again
This time about a story of love and gain.

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