Her: will I write? (Effervescence)

When work is done
And I leave for home
I think of You.
The dark sky blankets over me
Thoughts of you creep within me
I feel you more
Like a naive sophomore
Here’s to every night I do
Feeling nostalgic of my effervescent beau
Your beautiful face slips away for hours then days
In awe why your absence makes me so delicate
You and I, in this sea of cold flames, don’t know how to navigate

I passed by a popular shop
They have latté and frappe
Grabbed a cup of hot coffee
Imagining it as your favorite tee
My day well-spent
Of a new love; carefully tucked away in secret.

I feel so restricted missing you
It feels lonely to look at the streets empty
Without your lovely face
Am I not your lonely poet?
Crossing and walking around this world
Devoid of your presence
At this moment.
I lie in bed drowning in poetry
Trying to rhyme my heart beat with yours
Unable to
Like these words in paper
Here. Now.
Alone with my inner scream
Minding myself and the little things
We used to deeply share
Riding all the noise and the chatter in my brain
But everything is still in vain.

You are not mine.
You are like the coffee effervescence
Fleeting yet so disarming.
So when the moon is high
It’s dark outside
I’m on my bed with my bedside lamp
Everyone’s lost in their own space
Oh but you are still the one—
I only want to love
Someday; someway
Let me walk with you in this same old street,
Arms-locked, laughing and giggling
Over life’s tragic absurdities
Over fateful and peaceful encounters
That way, even if you leave my world today
I’ll have memories of you tomorrow.

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