Her: will I write? (Today’s message)

Do you have a lot on your plate that it’s giving you the run around?
Feels like you are being pulled from here to there, can’t even sit still in one place.
Like so many people depend on you in addition to all the worries and the anxiety you are battling within you?
Makes you feel exhausted, alone, confused and lost while trying to connect the dots or by trying to stretch yourself to fit into the mold.
And at the same time, you are wondering if the work’s ever been enough, or maybe not. That it needs more work, new and fresh ideas or innovative ways to finish it.
I bet this is you.
Maybe you are the type who’s happy to be always in control of things.
Someone who’s high-achieving and detail oriented.
Who likes to be on top of everything.
Who is always thinking of a next move because you fear stagnation and procrastination.
Who just wants to deal with matters immediately before it gets out of hand.
You know, someone who gets impatient when people don’t carry their own weight when the going gets rough.
Someone who feels the need to extend more of his/herself to help others, to love others more and to do whatever you can for the people you care so much that you’d rather die trying to do something than just live trying to play ignorant.
Are you that someone who wants to just make her day productive and gets overly concentrated about work that you forget about other things. And you feel miserable thinking how you could have missed something as equally important as the one you’ve dealt with at the moment.
Someone who feels disrespected when people are late for commitments for no apparent reason.
Someone who just wants to be in the loop, someone who needs to know everything so you can plan ahead, consider the in and out of things and more literally.

Tell me, are you this person that I have a feel for right now?

So then, are you also that someone who’s not big on surprises because like I’ve said you want to be in control of things. Like when you look for a book to read and instead of reading the first 3 chapters, you’d skip it and would go through the back flap of the book for it’s summary to know if the story will be worthy of your time or not. If it’s a “Yey” or a “Nay.”

I bet you are.

But you just can’t help it. I mean, this is how you operate and there’s little you can do to change it. Because you feel that this is how it works and this is how it should be done and if it falls under this certain standard you start to feel upset, disappointed, regretful. You feel anxious, you overthink, fear wraps around you and you think like it’s the end of your dreams, future plans etc. You feel that everything might go down the drain even after careful planning and strict organizing just because of one simple hiccup.

I think you know what I’m talking about.

You are like a hamster running constantly and repetitively on a hamster wheel all day, everyday.

Whew! That was a super strong energy I felt while completing this write up. It’s crazy.

But you know, I’ve got to tell you something real. I want to tell you that you are not alone.
To you who’s experiencing this hard days now, I’m on your side and that you are not misunderstood in any way, shape or form. Your efforts are being seen, appreciated and encouraged to move forward, to pursue the things that you love, things that matter to you. To keep going despite the tremendous amount of time, sacrifice and effort you give. Someone right here, right now, someone like me, is writing about you now to let the world know that you exist, you are validated and that you are real.
Whatever you do or is trying to accomplish now, may you find that profuse intrinsic motivation to continue. May you be inspired all the time. May you find the strength to soar higher even if everyone is weighing you down. You are healed.

You are amazing! In my eyes, you are the coolest in all of God’s creations!

So please smile for me tonight. You are wonderful in my eyes!

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