Her: will I write? (Silent Trips)

I want to retreat from the world with you.
To learn each other truly without the masks.
A million things and a million people
So many distractions here and there
What we need is a quite night with myriads of bright stars, a dark sky, the soft wind, a cheap wine, some whispers of love and a whole lot of good music.

Neither the mountains nor the beach
Can deter us from being real
I’ll tell you stories of the stars
Many are what I know of the ancient times
I’ll have stories for you that can fill the ship
And a hundred more ballads for you and me

We can leave this place and come back tomorrow
We can travel in dreams if you want to
For as long as I’m bound to you
All things we can do
If my world is filled with you.

In the morning we stand before the sunrise
We tell him of our plans
And ask for his warm blessings
We go on our way hands clasped with each other
As the magic warped us back to reality
Where intrigued eyes are bloated,
Broken smiles for the red roses
And chaos for the two of us
After such wonderful silent trips of our minds.

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