Her: will I write? (amiss)

(Forsaking love for logic


I didn’t come to water your plants!
Didn’t meet to start the fire.
I came because you said you missed someone.
And that you wanted great company.
I hurried myself thinking—
It was me.
After all, you asked for “someone” without a name.

If you want I’ll come by next time.
Now I know it wasn’t really me all this time.
Of course I’ll leave this sprinkler and this lighter on your doorstep.
I was cooking when you said, you needed someone for comfort.
So I was running to you and left my stove on fire.
If it was me you wanted, I would have cared less if my house be on fire.
Too bad this wasn’t part of the storyline.
After all, we were just friends and nothing else, you said.

Don’t worry I’m all fine.
Well at least I got here on time.
And your flowers are now sprinkled enough.
Guess what, now they are all yours to use—
Don’t they enhance your garden’s beauty?
In fact, you have plenty of friends this time around
Only that it wasn’t me.
Something seemed amiss.

Stay there and be still, my friend!
Let me go to find my own place.
After all, I ran fast, lost my slippers and forgot my way.
Because I was filled with thoughts of you as my new home.
Only that it was amiss.

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