Her: will I write? (Driven)

Why do I wake up everyday?
Morning after morning after morning?
Because I have to.

Why do I feel excited waking up everyday?
Rain or shine, rain or shine?
Because I want to.

Why do I thank God every time?
Every day, all day?
Because He loves me ever so dearly.

Well why am I talking about this, you ask?
At random, all of a sudden?
Because I feel driven to do it.

I want to drive and take the lead
I want to build and expand myself
I want it more now than yesterday
To be at par with the Eagles on air.

I’m driven to do things I like,
To dream dreams I want on auto-tune
Because I know the Lord, He blesses me.
He takes me to places I need to be
To meet new people
To build a strong connection
To establish my own foundation.

My purpose is set by God
And I’m just here following His stride
I like to think I’m free as a bird
Because the Lord says,
Look at those hovering on air, even them
Are fed by my Father!

So who am I not to take the lead
When He said I should be great!
I’ll go and drive myself to pursue love
In many ways.

I’ll be driven I’ll not waiver
I’ll be crazy this I’ll muster
Because a new light of day
Breaks for me everyday.

I’ll find the will that God bestowed on me
For I know it will make me increase innumerably
To see life as a new expedition
Where everything comes into fruition.

Come now, My Love, be still.
You must love the Lord
And praise Him for His will
For He knows you are His
And through Him you live.

I love the Lord
I thank the Lord
For I know life I can grasp by the hand
Therefore, it shall be done!

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