Her: will I write? (Who I Want To Be)

I want to be larger than Life
Yet smaller than the Lord
To be greater than the storm
Yet subtler than any fits of anger
To be as radiant as the sun
But not as glorious as the Heaven above
To soar as high as the eagle
To dive as deep as the whale
I want to be as open as a book
But not as profound as a man’s towering ideals
To be as beautiful as the universe
And as graceful as a dainty flower
I want to be stronger than the lion
But not as cunning as a fox
To be as diligent as an ant
As well as busy as a bee
I want to be as proud as the wildest tree
Yet more organic than your Instagram beauty
I want to be as charming as a nymph
To be as generous as a mermaid
But not as a deranged trickster
I want to be as shrewd as a high Priestess
But not as vulgar as your staunch stalker
To be as close to you as forever
So near to you like a lover
I want to be as mysterious as the phases of the moon
Yet as calm and as gentle as a butterfly’s transformation
To be as sweet as a nectar
As pure as a morning dew
I want to be as meek as a sheep
Yet as loud as its shepherd
To be as friendly as a dog
And as light as a feather
To be softer than a pillow
But sturdier than a cupboard
I want to be as violent as the monsoon in love
Yet as overflowing as a waterfall
To be full of love like a child
So merciful like an angel of God.
I want to be as jovial as a cat
But not as predictable as the coming season.
To be alluring as the sea
But as dangerous as a cliff
To be as dreamy as the clouds
Yet as grounded as the roots
I want to be as clear as a day
To not be as hazy as an afternoon fog
It is my pleasure to be who I want to be
But only in the eyes of the Lord who can see right through me.

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