Her: will I write? (Delicate Flower)

You are such a delicate flower
With a color so fair like silk
Heat waves make you delicate; you wilt and fall with ease.
My delicate flower I want to feel your depth
I want your icy breath
Mighty and splendor at night to my candor.

My delicate flower; my muse
Can we love like babies who are yet to learn how to crawl?
Pure yet amorous like a raving lunatic
My delicate flower; a radiating beauty you are
You have an allure so pristine; so tranquil

Let me take you to the coast where no other flowers bloom but your beauty alone
Let me dance with you in the cold waters of the sea
Twirl around your long and strong arms
Hold my beauty in your palms
And lovingly gaze at it with your charming smile like a delicate flower that one worships in both day and nighttime

My delicate flower, let me share a sweet kiss with you—
Until the morning fog clears away
Let me measure your depth and breadth as we wait for the rising sun
Tell me how soon or how late
Until your fair skin becomes sun-kissed.

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