Her: will I write? (I Believe)

I believe in things, in people.
I believe in myself, in God who’s The Greatest.
I believe in being good, in other people’s goodness
I believe even if it’s easy for others to be cynical, skeptical and, hyper-rational
In everything.

To some it’s a risk, it makes me stupid
But I’m about to tell them, well,
I’ve got crazy dreams and stupid chances
And I risk them all not because I’m stupid but because of my
Strong belief that life is my oyster.
Treasures are found not because they are revealed.
They are found because someone believes and searches for them
The same way, they become real because someone believes that what they’ve found are treasures and that, they are treasures of high value
For nothing is set in motion when no one believes
When one believes, one works hard to earn it
When one has earned it, everyone celebrates
When everyone celebrates, some get jealous they separate
Yes. It is what it is. Such is life.

Love I believe is one of the most prized treasures
A lot may find but very few get to keep it
And it’s not a curse but is one of life’s mysteries
When love arrives, we doubt and dismiss
When love arrives, we don’t believe
When love arrives, we think it’s something else
When love arrives, we confuse ourselves
We forget that love has come, it’s here, and we welcome it.
Instead, love has come, we let it go and we take something or someone else.

And I know you and I have our own shoes to fit into
We have our shells to crack out
We have boxes we get ourselves into
We have lives we hide away
Or stories that we never let others read fully
In this life, we think more of existing rather than living
Yet it’s all we can do and nothing else, is what you’d say.

So it takes a lot of courage to be different
To think differently and be differential
I believe I’m not afraid of losing
Not too frightened of the endings
It’s because I’m not scared of having new beginnings
And all these don’t matter, you need not tell me
I just know because this is my belief.
We can agree to disagree here but I’m putting it out nonetheless
I take risks in what I believe in
I believe I have eyes set on the prize
And my actions are geared towards greater heights
I win, I lose
I succeed, I fail
I live or die
It’s God’s will not mine
But I experience more, I learn some lessons
So I dust my butt off ready to start over
Maybe I’m a fool, or a little bit wiser

That’s why I’m here, is what I’m saying.

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