Her: will I write? (Please Wait For Me)

Please wait for me.

I’ve been away, I know
But wait for me, please
Not this sunset
Or tomorrow’s sunrise
I can hardly tell you when
But wait for me, please.

Please wait for me
Even if calls or texts are as remote
as the next blood moon
Please wait for me
Selfishly, I ask of you.

Please wait for me
Even if someone else is feeding the birds, the cats and the dogs
Please wait for me even if I’m no longer around to water the plants
Hold your heart close for me
Please wait for me.

Don’t come looking for me yet please
Not anywhere, not everywhere
Don’t find me in that same old coffee shop
Don’t go asking people around for my name
Don’t dream of me even
My Sweetest Love, not yet please.

Save everything for me
All the longings, bitterness, anguish, rage, sadness, feelings of abandon, your moments of fear, self-doubt and all your irrepressible tears. You can cry foul all you want too.
I’ll take them all, I don’t mind
But I have got to be with you first
So please wait for me.

Now may not be my premiere
It might not be soon enough
I know.
I know I’m not there
I won’t be here either
I can barely tell you my whereabouts
But please wait for me.

Be intrigued instead of what you can do now
While I’m away, distantly—
Consider yourself as the happiest woman there is
Be joyful, see more sunrises, love more sunsets
Pray for a warm evening too.

Make time for yourself
My Sweetest Love, you don’t need to wilt in wait
You can bloom like the flowers in Spring
You can be the beacon of light to other drifters too
You can love the moon like I do to you for you are my silver moon.
You can gaze at the stars and pick one for your own
You can cuss the wind and write my name on a leaf
You can see the world, ride the waves and yes, you can climb mountain tops as well
Be full of vigor, be excited, be at ease, be free, be healthy, be on a journey to know yourself.
Do whatever, be whoever you want.


Please don’t wait for me like a dying champion.
Please don’t sit around waiting for Time, for me, or for the next holiday season
For you are my silver moon with so much mystic and allure.
Your beauty can affect the ocean tides
Yes. You are that impactful. So powerful.

Sure. You’ll have your moon phases too
All ugliness, all flaws, all inadequacies you keep, if they are all coming from your own, I know, you’ll have nothing but abundance in the end.

One day
Let’s meet again
Let’s talk again so you can tell me all of your adventures.

I’ll hold your hand
I’ll keep you close
I’ll cry with you too
I’ll laugh with you
I can even tell you what will be your next adventure
I’ll surprise you
I’ll be with you when you march forward.

For now
Wait for me please
Somehow please wait for me
I know that Time is as fleeting as our youth but please
Wait for me no matter the hour or the day
Neither the season nor the occasion can foretell
But please wait for me
Somehow I need you to wait for me
It’s not my time yet
It’s not our time yet

There are seasons for planting
And seasons for harvesting
There are days of loving
But there are also nights of leaving

But stay on course
Keep your fountain eyes open
Keep your heart high
Don’t falter, don’t waiver
I’ll come back
I’ll be sure to come to you
I’ll be rushing towards you

But only not at this time.

To you my Sweetest Love, please wait for me.

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