Her: will I write? (Talk To Me)

Talk to me like an old friend
I can be that friend
I can take on a different role to suit your needs
We can be casual or formal
I’ll give you that emotional choice if you want.

But talk to me
Let me know

Don’t wait around too much
If you desire to, I’m here.
I’m open. I’m waiting.
Talk to me
I’m not strict in terms of the subject
But it’s important for me that you communicate
For after all, I’m just a woman without psychic powers
And being a magician only happened to me in my dreams
Last night.
Although I’m highly intuitive
But between what I already know and don’t know
I’d still prefer an honest revelation from you
And you might ask, why?
Oh Dear.
Have you forgotten how the foundations of the world was made?
When God said, “Let there be light.”
Indeed light came about.
When He said, “Let’s make man in our image and likeness.”
Indeed, man came to be in His image and likeness.
And we can skip the entire process however, this I tell you-

There’s power in utterance.
There’s power in your words.
Words can speak life.

So you can stop worrying about the details.

You can lock away your fears
You can store your doubts in a time capsule
You can keep all the negatives if you want it hidden

I can wait until you are ready to introduce them
One by one
In slow music, small steps or in a spectacular presentation

You can call the shots.
I don’t mind the ways.

But I do mind an honest and clear communication
As I don’t want to misunderstand, misinterpret or misrepresent
And I know that you are shy and perhaps you feel that I’m out of your league

But like I’ve said, I’m only great once you put me up on a pedestal
I become ordinary as soon as your magic wears off
Immediately, I’ll be sitting next you.
Just let me know.

Talk to me
Without the rituals
Or any lofty public ceremonials.

Talk to me
From zero to hero
No excuses, just moments of you with me.

Of course, this goes both ways
Doesn’t matter who comes forward first or last
There’s no one to compare
We are in no competition
I’m not aware of the literal mind games
Be assured that I play no tricks
I hold no threats
I’m prone to errors and mistakes
I’m imperfect in absolute ways
But I have days when I’m perfect
It’s when you think that I am.

Me and you
You and me
Real time
I know lovers and friends do this
Even foes respect this

I need to know what’s on your mind
It might feel good to be your Kryptonite
But I don’t wish to be my Hero’s demise.

Come to me.
Ask me
Even if the timing isn’t right
We can compromise
There’s no one way
It’s not my way or the highway
Talk to me
You’ll see
We’ll be fine.

We can hold that emotional space.
Just say the word
And I’ll be on my way to that sacred place.

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