Her: will I write? (Woman)

Woman, where do you go when you’re shaken by doubt?
Do you turn to cigarettes and tobacco for an aromatic air?
Do they calm you? Release you from the shackles that grip you?

Woman, who do you welcome at home when you’re cold and lonely?
Is it a sweet homeless dog or an unknown reckless stranger?
Does he give you the warm comfort of emotional stability? Does he tell you to forget your past and just burn the night with him? Does he devour you and make you lose yourself underneath the silk sheet? Does he tell you he loves you? Does he give you the rainbow? Does he throw you his life vest so you can live? Or does he jump off to a spare boat first even before the captain calls to abandon the ship?

Woman, where do you place your ears? Do you place them in your heart to listen to your soul’s rhythm? Or do you place them in your friends mouths for their self-indulgent whispers disguised as words of wisdom? Do they tell you they are your solid rock? So rock solid that they don’t break on shaky grounds or sink into a real quicksand? Really?

Woman, who do you give credit for your charm and self-confidence? Is it the bottles of cold beer, Black Hennessy and the frenzy night clubbing? Do they make you stand proud; make you feel well-supported? Do your friends warn you of your wasted demeanor or do they clap their hands when you’re dirty dancing? Do they raise you up when you crawl to the kitchen toilet to puke or do they leave you with other men to care for you? Do they cover your nudity against the eyes of evil men? Or, do they make you hide in an icy cold freezer?

Woman, why do you look so down so troubled? Has anyone torn your grit and made you bow down in fear? Will you grab a fancy wine and drown yourself in the bathtub like a pathetic calendar beauty?

Woman, who got your tongue-twisted that you stopped speaking for the truth, justice and power? Will you hide your tail like a guilty sinner or will you hunt these witches for dinner?

Woman, whose home do you knock to look for a good rest and a new beginning? Is it God’s mighty and glorious wings? Or is it The Devil’s floating and glaring sand castle?

Woman, are you really not enough? So fragile and weak? Low and meek? Is your life a cheap giveaway that everyone can just grab or put on display? Are you so insignificant to be preyed on by deceitful snakes and starved greyhounds?

Now woman, tell me!

Who do you say you are?

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