Before and now

Before I was satisfied with the prestige brought by writing a couplet then I learned about haiku and loving its 5-7-5 lines as much as the first.


When I met you, various collections of Russian novels and southern poems I wanted to touch and read. Whether they’d be in prose, in episodes or in a grand narrative. Words to adorn you while you sleep. For how many versions, sure. I’d love to. When you looked at that spot near your city forming a triangle as you spent a good 10 minute stare at it from your Godparents’ condo, I didn’t know how engrossing that moment could be. Or when you walked out on the quite sidewalks and started reminiscing precious times around town, I’d trade any of my possession to write about that. How you opened a beer in my honor after we shared petty stories. And while you drove your Dad interestingly, I thought about more words to put that scene in a clear-cut poem. 


I see you every time and it’s rare how consuming to find you in every word. Of course, there has to be some plots. Perhaps, plots could run like the Caucasian lad inheriting a necklace then, the necklace made him a merman. Or a series of detective plots written vividly only to find you the hero at the end part. Then, finding gold in the house of the peasants where you lived on your vacation but thought money could be destructive so you built them a school and the money for their books and their first teacher was you. Or maybe a collaborative work with different types of people doing humanitarian work in Nicaragua and in Tanzania.

Anything as in any thing. 

Words just love you


as I do.

Believe as you look at the world 🌍

The mountains look up to the clouds waiting for a kiss on a foggy afternoon 

The soil kisses the foot of the hill for a beautiful worth 

Then the soil kisses everything around her the greens, yellows and reds all contain in one big halo 

The bird sings to the heavens and thanks the Father for when he’s home to his nest the she-bird awaits and smacks him a kiss 

The fountain overflows with water to all strangers so when they’re thirsty before they gulp first, they kiss the water for their desire to be quenched 

Even the sea nourishes whoever dives in its waters for a bountiful scenery when you give your body as its own fill and be kissed 

The moon and the night sky both have something so reassuring in their cosmic set up cos together they vow before the sea to be one and kiss before they light up the world at night 

Your hands they clasp with another hand for a dainty lil kiss on a tiresome day 

And your brain thinks about a kiss on two sweet lips before you go to bed 

Then it might be wonderful to believe 

” What are all these kissings if you and I won’t kiss and be bitter? “

Oh but Darling, the world never fails to teach us. 

Look and let’s believe our desires to be kissed.. 

And let’s just kiss. 

The warm wind of summer skies

There is no real reason why

I find you hard to forget as I would

Somehow I have become much—older

My heart beats hard; scarcely breathe

And there is coldness I keep resisting– even the heat of a tiny kiosk


The hill road hasn’t seemed so long before. I have no eyes for magnificent scenery this time

But the touch of those strong brown fingers

On my skin evokes uncontrollable sensations

Must we be so formal?


Gently I shake and stare with unbelieving eyes

Heart racing like a mad thing in my breast

Perhaps I too know that in love I am with you

I believe you

Softly I really am a blind creature


“I shall make you wear the veil

We will sail around the world for ever

So that I shall have you to myself always

You shall hold the key to the gate

For you already have the key to my heart, My Love.”


On our Death Bed

It’s four o’ clock in the morning.                                                                                                                 The earth prepares for twilight.                                                                                                                 As the clouds regurgitate its splendid moment of nudity, your breathing descends immensely. I whisper to you, Remember the day you asked me about my age?                                               You said, “how old are you?”                                                                                                                         You laughed so hard when you saw my mercurial reaction.                                                                  So hard your dimples shaped the flesh in your cheeks at 20.                                                     And I felt I was at my 29th year again. 


This respirator might defeat your frail body but never will it succumb the high-spirit in you.                                                                                                                                                                     Throw wide the memories we had like quicksilver for they were fated to be watched like little slates of flashback episodes of our love.                                                                                       Sleep soundly and contain only me in your anxious child’s heart.                                                   Let me wan all acts of self-betrayal done by your restless fear of leaving the fruits of our honest labor in this world stained by piqued hardships and disgust.

Dearest love,

I’ll hold the same palms on our wedding day,                                                                                      

   I’ll thresh the same finger tips now calloused and overdosed by your encroaching empathy and trust. 

…On our death bed will sleep together like we knew this bed is ours and ours to keep.


On our death bed at 25, 34, 52, 68, 79 years we’ll live our lives twice.

Own us a room in a cheap Motel


Today I’ll hold the reigns. You won’t say a word. This petty flush of bedside rumble will be published an hour after. Don’t think I’ll let you. I’ll rouse your horses; ready for the all time marathon in the jungle. But you’ll not cum unless I say so. Don’t touch yourself. Just don’t touch yourself. Hold it close. I’ll mount you but don’t crack the jar yet. Remember I’m holding the reigns. Trust me for the delay. The chicken skin, pelvic reverberating, shaft explosion; I know. The aisle won’t suffice. Your office will be on fire. Better yet, own us a room in a cheap motel.

Down under


Grip me. Pull me back on the bed. Insert your hand in my sweatpants. Heat presses under the vertebrae of my skin; hitting all the capillary veins. Throw in the white sheets. Lay me down. Write me a poem down under. Tonight, make me surrender thrice. Or you’ll get laid ‘sex’ times.

Go ahead and love some more

A heart is a muscle

Powerful when in use








Don’t let it stifle

Don’t let it shut

Don’t let it rust

For with each loss,

The muscles duplicate

some more.

Consider yourself a castle

When pilgrims stand and

Throw stones at the gate,

Open the drawbridge

Let them in.

If they hurt you with gifts

And leave

Close the gates

for the days of mourning


When the next traveler stands and knocks

On the same gate,

Open the drawbridge to let her in

Take her gifts and

Let her stay.

Like a castle with muscles

Reconstruct yours with the hardest stones;

The grandest walls

To prepare for the great shows


Like muscles in the heart

Rebuild more robust muscles;

More resilient walls

To take the most painful acid blows.

For you Darling,

Let doubt visit but not sleep

Let fear peep but not live

Let worry leaves you

For in every pain; every loss


Make a stand to

Just go ahead and

Love some more.




Red Wine 🍷

Crush the wild roses and

Trace your fingertips around

The noblest rim;

Fill our glass with blood sweet sap 

Make it half full

Enough to seduce the

dance floor

As the potion kicks inside 

The wine glass like

 kissing the inner 

Thighs of a woman;

Reach your arms to that

Lady in red under the silvery moon

And Samba your way to perfection 


You and her

Sweat and is sweet as a cotton candy

Drink some more wine

by the mirror

Like two hedonistic lovers

seeking to tame the hour.






Don’t unzip my shirt to extinguish your bullet flash of savage lust for the night; unbutton one instead with a zooming inhibition to touch it with the tips of your fine fingers. One button mandates you an entire permeation of friction before we can agree to unfasten the other gray-blue studs with bold white markings. As your fingers move down the last fastener; fix your smoldering eyes with mine; deeper and thrusting as if drinking wine in the middle of the room with open windows; smelling scented candles and catching breaths. Gently place your hand on my thrilled face; make little and mild touches of my dark eyebrows down to my plump and supple cheeks to the corners of my lips with rare anticipation of close kissing with the thumb of your right hand to excite that ‘wild switch’ and be prodded more by your melting sexual urge like we are two exotic bodies confined in that king-sized bed thinking about a curious play. Breathe on me; whisper to my ears the most seductive, drowning and consuming word aphrodisiac you have in your sleep when you are building sand castles about mating in unimaginable ways as if a song is played and we are simply rocking with sheer pleasure. Make me bite my lips with your words, warmth and passion until I get wet with sexual longing. Be generous with me and give me light, circling, throbbing, torrid and liberating kisses as you turn me on like a blue flame ready to burn everything on its way powerfully as if it’s judgment day.When my shirt is totally stripped off; stare at my body as if your eyes are two magnifying lenses changing one spot to the other aplenty. Undo my bra as if your most awaited rated x movie is showing at netflix and you’re aching to watch them without a box of popcorn. I may cower and cover my body with my arms to block your view of my imperfection but please clasp your hand with my trembling hand and tell me “It’s fine, Honey” as if you are my shore in the sea of shame and doubt. Move your body closer to mine til your chest brushes my breasts like two Slinkies somersaulting hitherto. Bury your face to my neck and give me that nerve-fluctuating lick from the back of my ears, the side of my neck, up and down like you are brisk walking in the park while eating vanilla ice cream. Let me measure the size of your tongue like a groping vine slithering down the valley of rhapsodies as you savor every drop of sweat out of my skin. Slide down a little to meet my naked, erect and firm breasts and play with them like fiddle sticks. Cup your hands around them as you nibble them with utmost sensitivity and intimacy like holding two bottles of San Miguel Beer under a chilling gray sky. When my breasts have become feverishly swollen slowly, crawl downward and rampage my navel like no other man can do it while your hands frolic at the sight of my belly the same shape of your beloved guitar as they blissfully settle on the curves of my waist as if you love the world to see you sniff cocaine.




The rest is fill in the blanks ________






As for your obedience, you’ll be rewarded with unlimited giggles, body dropping temperature, bountiful moaning and a burst of whip cream as I equally, intensely and womanly return your hard-core intoxication.