Weekend orgy

Let’s sum this up!

Friday is rough.

Let’s have some fun.

I’d like a man!

Don’t hang the phone

you won’t be alone.

Let’s go to the pub

I need a hug


Come on ease my tension!

Darn, I’d like you mention

a beer and affection

to feel the sensation

in a crowd full of attention.

straighten up a bit

cos I feel so wet

I’d like to get a grip

of your vertigo stick!

Now, sit down; drink up

I’ll warm you up.

Lemme dance my way into your lap

to give you that easy-peasy lemon squeezy rub

so you can get so hard up!


Relax honey; this is so intense!

To fuck you close-packed with such suspense.


So, what do you say?

Would you like it dirtier; meaner Saturday?

We can invite some friends to make it a three-some play.

Don’t worry sweetheart.

I’ll make it up to you wild Sunday

so we can have it long all day!



healthy weekend orgies! 

just can’t wait for more…


heated rounds?

I couldn’t agree more!





I was quite insensitive.

The night deepened. pigmented and frothy water covered the yet dramatic, exaggerated window sill unfazed in this shallow rain pouring, pessimistic, egocentric, day dumping, eye dropping unlyrically time swelling and energy spoon draining. you asked who the culprit and the captor were in this noblest stupor? -fever- that did nothing but to keep you away from the taunting mystique of a life polishing and career whining animal that nudged the heart of the remaining bombastic blood-spilling excitement there was left in life. Yet all there was to do was be med-reliant, be a protagonist of this nightly liver scraping, brain altering overtones and heightened body confusion.

This was not for the fickle heart.

Not for the feeble body.

Too bad you’re missing the innuendo 🔥

Don’t think I “don’t get” it cos I’m sure I do.

Maybe I’m not buying it pretty sure you know.

Trying to play it cool to catch me or you

In this short play of veiled sexual innuendo.

Don’t even think; don’t even wonder

Cos I look forward to it as much as you do

It’s fun to play it like a pro

To test how descriptive and exciting your mind can go

To images hidden in front of you.

‘i think eating dark chocolate is sexy, would you like to give it a go?’

‘why don’t we trace your curves by pouring wine to your body with that favourite black tees of yours?’

‘I’m not so sure if you can dare try tossing vanilla ice cream mouth to mouth then head to toe’

Too bad you’re missing the innuendo

Or maybe you don’t take it as much as I do.

‘oh I like what you said ; show me how it’s done. I’d like some adrenaline-pumping actions just so you know ‘

‘perhaps you’ve seen this movie and it’s boring let’s start thrusting and work on it blow by blow’

‘try to uncork this red wine and let’s refresh the night I need to heat it up to sleep at night’

‘i bought three bottles of beer cos I want those bouts of acoustic music to slow rock then hard-core if you’re not in a jiffy just say so’

‘call me now and let’s do the hot trick somehow’

Hush hush honey I wouldn’t like you skip your meal and get so skinny

I hope you’re quick to guess it to get it

Or else the bubble of limbo will get to you

It’s too bad you say,

Too bad I’m missing the innuendo.

Or maybe I’m not playing it as much as you do.




There is much more truth than you are blind to

night after night, a greasy man slept outside his store.

Thinking about his misfortune

The owner stood by the door and

Threw him icy cold bucket of water.

The greasy man surprised as he was

Jumped to his feet and crazily ran so fast.

Today, the owner opened his door and saw the greasy man slept on his doorstep

So angrily without looking, he drove the greasy man away with his broomstick

And hungrily without talking, he scurried away frighteningly.

The next day, when the owner saw the greasy man dreaming outside his doorstep,

The owner yelled at him f##k you!

The greasy man was left in awe and lowered his eyes and ran haphazardly.

Feeling satisfied and dignified, the owner raised his eyes proudly.

And everyday, the two spent a cycle of reproach and impenitence.

Til one day, the greasy man ceased to come by the night.

Then some more nights

as in forever.

And in those days and nights of not seeing and fighting and pestering, the owner felt a sense of displacement.

The shop owner next to his store noticed him feeling anxious on that day.

She told him, “He’s gone.”

Confused of what those words mean,

He wondered what could’ve happened to him.

That night before he left for home, he checked the store’s cctv footage from day 1 to the greasy man’s last night.


the owner saw how the greasy man threw an empty bottle of water to the guy who wanted to vandalized his walls. The same way the owner threw him his litter.

He watched how the greasy man in his condition had thought of picking the trash that others threw outside his shop. So that in the morning he didn’t have to sweep and sweat.

He saw how the greasy man ran after the guy who urinated his doorstep.

yet all he did was accuse and judge a friend with his looks and smell. 

Then in the last footage, he saw how his friend fought and wrestled with the men who wanted to steal from his store.

Those multiple punches that landed his face, the kick that knocked him down while the burglar crushed his feebled body with his feet, those strong hands who banged his head on the wall as if it was the best thing to do and the small knife that sent him to his death bed.

It was amazing they all sounded louder, louder than his cry for help but no one heard, no one helped

no other witnesses and

Nobody knew.


As insignificant as he is  was his death.


yet the owner could only afford a tear for his friend.









His kind of fun

Kind Mister drinks the afternoon away with a beer in his hand as he waits for the next hour. He isn’t in a rush though in for a three-mile drive to the city for an afternoon tea with the elderly. It’s spring and he’s in a new city with good food, nice people, sex and a song in the head to lull away his boredom. The smoke of the cancer stick  filled the air with invisible sighs, untraceable plots for a futuristic scenario and a nonexistent sex doll by his side. Usually the thread would be a woman finds a handsome guy alone and thinks his lonely so she’d go and talk to him discreetly but sometimes bitchy, it depends and murmur a nauseating crappy line from a dumb ass movie that could bring his horse’s reign down. And oh boy, he has just found a really fantastic sex doll! And now they’re up for an applesauce party! At the party, this cool guy is just chillin’ in, you know lookin’ around, baskin’ with his dark green eyes ready to bomb and explode. Oh yea, the girl in her flammable, sexy outfit drives this guy to the moon. So, flashy with ecstacy! Let’s dance shall we? or leave the night lonely? said the woman. So this thinking guy thinks. He thinks why not? Sure. Bring it on cow girl! he mumbled in his head. The music is loud and piercing, the party goers and the party jammers are all mixed up in one jazzy, funky, hottie night out in the city with a square-foot space for each. Wow, this is hot and a lot! They dance in a black parade, laughing, screaming, jumping and drinking beer til they roll to the other side of the room. Standing an inch away from each other the swag lady said, “write me a song and sing it for me.” The cool guy said, “Alright, I can do that.” and they’re like now hugging, now kissing, now having sex. Boom! 


He writes a song:


Tonight, I’ll drink my way

to the disco and crash my body

with it’s ear-splitting, high-sounding 

music enough to wake the six sleepers in me

cos I’m bored, this girl I’m with she drives me,

she lets me and I’m lucky but I’m bored. I’m bored.

 I’m just bored. The world is loud and I hear you

Oh and the girls are pretty too! The beer, the booze, the hot shakes

and lots of sexy dolls too oh my! They take me but it’s a mystery cos I’m bored.

My tongue is numb, my body too but my head it shrieks it roars

I’m bored.  But we dance, hug, kiss and I’m still bored so

I drink the night away to drown me; make me forget the world

cos the fun is in my head  & I need not pretend! When they tell me to fuck I fuck but fuckin’ is no fuckin’ good when your heart is not fuckin’ too so

Lemme’ fuck the night away to lull this bad memory and fuck, just fuck

cos this fuck is a fuck and I just have to fuckin’ suck!





Don’t unzip my shirt to extinguish your bullet flash of savage lust for the night; unbutton one instead with a zooming inhibition to touch it with the tips of your fine fingers. One button mandates you an entire permeation of friction before we can agree to unfasten the other gray-blue studs with bold white markings. As your fingers move down the last fastener; fix your smoldering eyes with mine; deeper and thrusting as if drinking wine in the middle of the room with open windows; smelling scented candles and catching breaths. Gently place your hand on my thrilled face; make little and mild touches of my dark eyebrows down to my plump and supple cheeks to the corners of my lips with rare anticipation of close kissing with the thumb of your right hand to excite that ‘wild switch’ and be prodded more by your melting sexual urge like we are two exotic bodies confined in that king-sized bed thinking about a curious play. Breathe on me; whisper to my ears the most seductive, drowning and consuming word aphrodisiac you have in your sleep when you are building sand castles about mating in unimaginable ways as if a song is played and we are simply rocking with sheer pleasure. Make me bite my lips with your words, warmth and passion until I get wet with sexual longing. Be generous with me and give me light, circling, throbbing, torrid and liberating kisses as you turn me on like a blue flame ready to burn everything on its way powerfully as if it’s judgment day.When my shirt is totally stripped off; stare at my body as if your eyes are two magnifying lenses changing one spot to the other aplenty. Undo my bra as if your most awaited rated x movie is showing at netflix and you’re aching to watch them without a box of popcorn. I may cower and cover my body with my arms to block your view of my imperfection but please clasp your hand with my trembling hand and tell me “It’s fine, Honey” as if you are my shore in the sea of shame and doubt. Move your body closer to mine til your chest brushes my breasts like two Slinkies somersaulting hitherto. Bury your face to my neck and give me that nerve-fluctuating lick from the back of my ears, the side of my neck, up and down like you are brisk walking in the park while eating vanilla ice cream. Let me measure the size of your tongue like a groping vine slithering down the valley of rhapsodies as you savor every drop of sweat out of my skin. Slide down a little to meet my naked, erect and firm breasts and play with them like fiddle sticks. Cup your hands around them as you nibble them with utmost sensitivity and intimacy like holding two bottles of San Miguel Beer under a chilling gray sky. When my breasts have become feverishly swollen slowly, crawl downward and rampage my navel like no other man can do it while your hands frolic at the sight of my belly the same shape of your beloved guitar as they blissfully settle on the curves of my waist as if you love the world to see you sniff cocaine.




The rest is fill in the blanks ________






As for your obedience, you’ll be rewarded with unlimited giggles, body dropping temperature, bountiful moaning and a burst of whip cream as I equally, intensely and womanly return your hard-core intoxication.

The Magician&The Queen

“Invite all jesters, necromancers, witches, sorcerers, gamblers and  trolls in my castle! I’m bored. I need a grand entertainment. And Oh, make sure you won’t miss a thing or your life won’t be spared.” said the Queen.


“I’m not content with what I’ve seen!” screamed the Queen.



Enter the magician—


A mismatch of  Us

Beneath the firmament: collide

You; reek with pixie dust

I; the world personified.


set the sky high: red, gold and swarovsky 

I; glide on ’em




You; hurl the magic stick &

appear 11 distinct houses

3 of them are macabre

5 of them unworldly

3 of them quintessential

I choose one & presto!

You; gaze into my eyes

Quick hands: quick moving


I; with my eyes flick look around


a motion picture of

polychromatic domain





a magic hat & a wand

a crown & an amulet



In your absence


The slightest image I had of you , I  saved it well in my memory folder.

On the eve of Tuesday, I sucked in dusts from your desk along with the other debris to tuck mini flakes of your actuality in my ears. And as you dangled and bangled loosely, you became my best recollection in the pond of wishes.

BUT I realized my old version of 2.8 vacuum cleaner was plagued; busted.

So I purchased 360 security for a well-deserved clean up boosting my performance 90% and  a new  infinite gigabyte memory card for a highly urbanized communication.

Darling, a lot had been saved about you however you were not containable.

Suffice to say, my self-achieved wifi deluged me with veritable anticipation.

The anticipation of still seeing you through that swivel chair with the silhouette of your bun hairdo analysing. Breathing. Glancing.

And as I stood leaning on my door frame, I knew I had just wielded a sword.

The sword of wanting.

— that desire to be in close proximity with you.

This depravity I felt in your absence summoned the message “shutting down’ like a disintegrated shuttle. 

Good morning musings

I woke up at 3am and I felt uneasy. I wish I could toggle the memories of our past. I’d like to begin this day with a certain musing for all the days I sundered to keep you in my head. Darling, may this musing send you a thousand worth of smile.  Let the gust of wind bring the warm surge of my bosom; to console you from sheer trepidation.