Love letter 1: Don’t worry about anything

Finally, I am stepping out of the dark slump! I am moving on from the things that no longer serve me. Be it pain, feelings of lack and Spiritual stagnation. I took my time to heal so naturally, I started to feel good about myself once again. I feel lighter and happier because I know that this sense of clarity that I feel within me is paving the way to my personal and emotional healing. I don’t know if you believe in God but I did pray to him and continuously looked for him that’s why I am where I am today. I am guided. I am hyped up today to tell you of my amazing experience!

Those deep dark weighted clouds around me are gone because I specifically prayed to God to remove them from me. From my life. I am so grateful to the Lord.

I can feel this wave of strength and power to persevere. I trusted God’s process. I believed in His Divine timing and that’s why I am still standing today.

Dearest, I feel so abundant in many ways. I hope to celebrate this beautiful and sweet victory with you!

I know Dearest that you are happy for me. I can feel you. Your bursts of energy send wonderful and peaceful vibes towards me even when you are so far away; even when we had to learn the hard lessons from our individual experiences. Can’t you see? I’m radiating strongly because you are also radiating strongly. It reached me. My soul can feel it. I know that the Angels of God are sending me this wonderful messages.

Dearest let us continue this path and don’t worry about anything because God definitely has our backs. Let us continue to radiate for the world so that those people who were once lost and in despair can likewise radiate from their higher selves.

God is always faithful to His people. So go! Expand your abundance. Be youthful and happy. Peace be with you.

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