Friendship day







We found each other like how one would find her eyeglasses on a bedside table. Anxiously trying to see face to face the familiar monologue of a broken piece, and when we did our footprints traced the entire space with jazz music, colorful nights, and warm meals. Compartimos las herridas con limón, tequila y sal. I hope that even if stars live and die, our friendship stays. Happy Friendnniversary mis amigos mejores! Os extraño mucho. Espero que están bien en sus trabajos, familias y relaciones de corazón. Vamos a seguir el sueño de nuestros futuro especialmente viajar al otro parte del mundo. Mucho gusto!



That tiny dewdrop is a dream


blade of grass blur bright close up

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…while others build their dreams out of bricks and washed stones, some build them from gentle crystals alone. People think if it’s made of rocks it will endure but I whisper with a faint curiosity…even tiny dewdrops can create an entirely different dreamscape. It can endure but not for very long. Temporary, fragile, moving and, breathing enclosed in a superficial sphere where one can sit and just wave at the present power within. Dreams are subjected to disappear. But don’t be anxious about unnecessary things. Isn’t everything made to withstand the changing conditions? Or bend. Or change? Yes, around us is ephemeral. It can show you paintings of everything untouchable but dare I say, what one can not touch ignites passion and inspires miracles. 

Soon this dewdrop will fall off. It may turn into vapor. But while it’s falling off, it shines and reflects rainbows in your eyes. You can witness true magic in action. While it vaporizes fragments of a dream return to the sky to craft new shapes of clouds above. Before you know it, it has matured and is ready to pour you monsoon. 

Tiny drops of tiny dreams tracing the edges of a leaf…sometimes they descend in intervals but carry the same image of a dream; manufacturing them whenever light glances at them. 

When one dreams, the rest of the background fades away. When one desires the dream to come true the focus shifts to the dream alone; magnifying it as your arms reach towards. It’s like you are taken off from the reality giving you the chance to explore your true potential. And when you don’t give up, that tiny dewdrop of dreams falls off into your hand. It’s yours. 

Listen to the blurring sound of the crowd cheering for you. ..they may be the ants holding the branch steady or the romantic butterfly flapping its wings around to remind you that within that dream of yours, you are never alone. The breeze may tickle the dew and distort the shape but it won’t let you drop in vain. There’s life everywhere. When you find it difficult to inhale inside, the breeze tells you there’s more to breathe outside. 

Everything works for you unspeakably…and all you have to do is hold on to that only dream.