The warm wind of summer skies

There is no real reason why

I find you hard to forget as I would

Somehow I have become much—older

My heart beats hard; scarcely breathe

And there is coldness I keep resisting– even the heat of a tiny kiosk


The hill road hasn’t seemed so long before. I have no eyes for magnificent scenery this time

But the touch of those strong brown fingers

On my skin evokes uncontrollable sensations

Must we be so formal?


Gently I shake and stare with unbelieving eyes

Heart racing like a mad thing in my breast

Perhaps I too know that in love I am with you

I believe you

Softly I really am a blind creature


“I shall make you wear the veil

We will sail around the world for ever

So that I shall have you to myself always

You shall hold the key to the gate

For you already have the key to my heart, My Love.”


Confessions of two erotic strangers

W: (chuckles over beer in his flat) so when was the last time you had sex?

M: I can’t remember it quite well. But it could be over six months… (touching his brows as he grins)

W: seriously? That was like six years ago! (chuckling and teasing him with utter seduction)

M: oh yeah so you’re laughing at me huh? (talking with a similar seduction and showing his eyes filled with mischief )

W: No. No. I’m not. In fact, I like it. (she smiles softly and sweetly because she’s guilty and wants to make it up with him)

M: (moving closely toward her with a biting air of desire wanting to beat her out of confession) Really sweetheart? You like it?…

W: (pumping blood and pounding heart) yes. I miss it. I like knowing that you haven’t had sex that long.. (as she responds meekly)

M: (flushing neck and cheeks in the dark) why?..only inches away from her praying lips.

W: (gasping for air with an open mouth) she is melting like a pool of ice-cream enclosed in a sauna… He’s very irresistible so she kisses him first.

Oh, this is going to be a fight under the moonlight.. Tipsy but sober…he wouldn’t want to miss this one either..

W: Are you surprised that I kissed you?

M: nope. Not at all. Damn it. I miss it too!


You and me.

We’ve just met and now

I’m in your place.

Talking this sweet nonsense. 

Wondering how it’s like to be wild sometimes. 

Like a bitch like a hooker 

Who leads you to a slutty conversation 

Here at night..with the moon kissing the darkness first…

And the stars singing the hymns and lighting the sheets of clouds as their mattress .. 

This beer,

the setting,

the daring lines,

the inviting touches and

the moment..

To get real and 

Be real.. 

We’ve been waiting for this.

But tomorrow,

Let’s just say.. 

We don’t remember this. 




Own us a room in a cheap Motel


Today I’ll hold the reigns. You won’t say a word. This petty flush of bedside rumble will be published an hour after. Don’t think I’ll let you. I’ll rouse your horses; ready for the all time marathon in the jungle. But you’ll not cum unless I say so. Don’t touch yourself. Just don’t touch yourself. Hold it close. I’ll mount you but don’t crack the jar yet. Remember I’m holding the reigns. Trust me for the delay. The chicken skin, pelvic reverberating, shaft explosion; I know. The aisle won’t suffice. Your office will be on fire. Better yet, own us a room in a cheap motel.

Down under


Grip me. Pull me back on the bed. Insert your hand in my sweatpants. Heat presses under the vertebrae of my skin; hitting all the capillary veins. Throw in the white sheets. Lay me down. Write me a poem down under. Tonight, make me surrender thrice. Or you’ll get laid ‘sex’ times.

Sweet sinning

If you want me to go to your flat and spend a day or two with you,

Just say so.

Just say so

because I’d love it too when you open the door as I knock, let me in as if I’m a neighbor you’d like to share the rip and pull time of day on the bed.

To see your heavy eyes aglow when you watch me enter your immaculate room then I’ll smile sweetly; teasing you to the bones..

You’d say, hey, I’ve ordered us some pizza with lots of chilli peppers, basil and vanilla ice cream like we’ve known each other very long and our dirty little dessert that gets colder every time you stand close to me and brush your skin to mine…

I’d be like, wow! Yanking the afternoon snack like a go pro boss before flipping your bed upside-down..

Certainly adds to my wetness.

I say so.

What I want when you stare at me..


Drawing near to me with so much pain of heated passion, traversing your fingers to the little crevices round my needing body

Then pulling a little away for another tease..

Your touch of lightning , your turbulent kisses 

The cuddles on your lap as I recline on your chest with my back while your hand is lost in between my legs

The little licks of seduction

You sniffing my hair

Me pulling your hair for such an erotic sedation

Of outrageous moans sharing short, deep breaths..

Your manhood speeds up and grows over this sweet pill of dirty yet diplomatic aural coalesce of oceanic warmth of wetness we both are excited to please..

If you want me..

Dare to

Just say so. 

Say it so because 

I want you;                                                   your sex,                                                        your cum even

your apologies.