You may chase…

You may chase the world for money and fame but 

You will never chase for my love in vain. 

You may chase the moon at night when everyone is asleep but 

I’ll never allow you to chase the moon alone.

You may chase another girl for her love so weak and cruel 

But I’ll never let you chase me with worries and betrayals.

You may chase the shadows of your ideal woman in bed but 

I’ll never let you chase the truth in my words. 

You may chase everything in this lifetime but 

In case you get tired of chasing… 

I sure will wait for you to roll back to me and say, in your arms I’d like to rest, my love.


This and so much more


If my lovers were food, 

Hung fully on a ratan basket

I’d take no preservatives. 

Whether they were imported from China, America, Japan, UK, Spain, Latin or locally made

I’d gladly take them in and make no mistake 

Call his nourishment a charm

Beneath my skin and intestines

I’d call it nothing else but